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What’s for Dinner? Fresh Fish!

Aug 10, 2012
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The Brewster Inn is well known for the great chefs that crank out wonderful dishes one after another during a busy dinner service.  Over the past couple of years they have also gained a reputation as the best place to buy fresh fish or meat to throw on the grill in the comfort of your own home too.

Walk in the front door at the inn and instead of turning right to head off to the dining room, make a left and check out the fish and meat market.  Brewster owner Richard Hubbard opened the counter a couple of years ago and turned it over to his chefs to make it work and boy have they done just that.

fresh fish in cazenoviaOn any given night you can find fresh shrimp, scallops, salmon, swordfish, tuna and sea bass all delivered direct from the market that day.  Other items on the menu board include lump crab meat, lobsters meat and calamari.  It is quite the selection of seafood, that you just can’t find anywhere else in the area.

For the land lover, you will find cuts of meat that will be perfect on your dinner table at home too.   From lamb to filets to strip steaks, the meat selection mirrors the menu at the inn too.

Of course specials come and go, each day.  On a recent visit the specials included Marlin, Halibut and Wahoo from the sea.  Fresh baked pies are available (all made from scratch in the kitchen), cookies, breads and soups too.  So the next time you are looking to stay in and fix a gourmet meal yourself, the Brewster should be on your list of places to shop to help you pull off a perfect feast.

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