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Tour de Farms…and Fork!

Sep 27, 2012
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The Tour de Fork lunch featured after Madison County’s Tour de Farms inaugural bike ride event on Saturday, September 22nd was a scrumptious testament to the deliciousness of local foods.

tour de farmsEmpire Buffalo (farm in Fenner)’s roast bison, topped with Hartwood Farms caramelized onions and Ingallside Meadow (farm in Lincoln)’s bratwurst served with Foothill Hops (Town of Stockbridge) mustard were well deserved after the ride through scenic rolling hills.

The pumpkin and apple soup made with New York apples, Lucky Moon (Cazenovia) farm’s pumpkin and Critz Farm (Cazenovia)’s Maple Moon Hard cider, finished with Meadowood Farm (Cazenovia)’s sheep yogurt warmed all riders despite the rain.

tour de farmsThe drinks were local too and included Foothill Hops Farms Hops Lemonade, Critz’s Hard and Sweet Cider, Empire Beers and Owera wine. As the Tour de Farms bike ride started and ended at Critz Farms, it was also the perfect opportunity to enjoy their Fall Harvest Festival happening from now til mid October as well as pick up fall goodies including their farm grown apples and pumpkins!

3 Responses to Tour de Farms…and Fork!

  1. Lyn says:

    My son and I participated in the ride and the meal. The challenging weather only increased our enjoyment of the hot delicious meal and friendly atmosphere! My favorites were the roasted vegetables (Hartwood Farms and Stone Brothers), sauted mushrooms (Fruit of the Fungi), and grass-based butter (Kriemhild Dairy). Bonus that everything was local!!

  2. Kelly says:

    What an amazing spread of local foods! I was super impressed, and also loved the Critz Farm apple fritters!

  3. Andrew says:

    The bratwurst and apple fritters were especially amazing… but the apples that I bought at Critz Farm honestly taste like candy they are so sweet and delicious!