seafood bouillabaisse

Seafood Bouillabaisse at the Lincklaen House

Jul 19, 2012
Food Reviews

When Shawn Vendetti took over as the Executive Chef at the Lincklaen House this past spring he made a few minor changes to a very popular menu.  One of the dishes he added was a Seafood Bouillbaisse.  This addition is a take off of a traditional cioppino, an Italian American fish stew.

Shawn makes his with tomato base, and a saffron broth which pairs nicely with the variety of seafood in the stew.  He adds mussels, lobster, shrimp and calamari to the mixture and lets it simmer and cook.  The broth also features a garlic and the dish is garnished with parsley.

Shawn serves this dish with Ciabatta bread toast points.  Since coming on to the regular menu the dish has been a hit with diners in the Lincklaen House’s restaurants.

The flavors all work together very nicely and there is a generous amount of seafood in the dish.  You certainly won’t feel cheated with a health amount of lobster, large shrimp and mussels in the stew.  The saffron in the broth has always been a favorite of mine in dishes like this as it really adds to the dish and brings all the flavors together.  The Ciabatta toast points are a perfect way to soak up the broth that is left at the end.  All in all this is an outstanding dish and I’m glad to see it on the regular menu now at the Lincklaen House.

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