Sauteed zucchini flower

Sautéed Zucchini Flowers

Aug 1, 2012
Food Reviews

When a restaurant dedicates itself to using the freshest, local ingredients it can result in fantastic creations.  Zucchini and summer go hand in hand in Central New York, and one of the featured specials at the Poolville Country Store right now takes full advantage of that.

Straight out of the garden of Chef Charles Wilburn come the delicate zucchini flowers. Wilburn uses eggs from his chickens and flour to lightly bread the flower.  He then sautés them in oil and lightly seasons them with pepper and salt.  It is garnished with local green onion and a beautiful flower in the center of the blossom.

The result is a slightly crispy, yet still delicate flower that is full of flavor and a real summer treat.  You can find this on the menu at the Poolville Country Store as long as the zucchini plants are still producing blossoms.  Don’t wait long…as summer is slipping away.

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