pulled pork pita

Pulled Pork Pitas

Aug 13, 2012
Food Reviews

Everyone knows about the great antique shopping at the Madison Bouckville Antique Week, but this week we are all about the food you can find there as well.  Today’s lunch time jaunt took us to MaMa Sheps Mobile Cafe stand in front of the Madison County Visitor’s Center.

Bouckville foodMaMa Shep features a few special treats that you will not find anywhere else on the field including her puled pork pita.  The meal includes a pita pocket stuffed with sumptuous pulled pork, topped with her homemade coleslaw.  A dill pickle on the side completes the dish that will fill you up and send you out on to the antique fields with more energy.

Also offered at her stand are nachos and cheese, with or without jalapenos, all beef hotdogs, chili, chips, sodas and desserts.  Ma Ma Shep told us she has been setting up at the visitor center for several years and has become a regular on the east end of the show.

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