Prince Edward Mussels at Zabroso

Oct 12, 2012
Food Reviews

If Empire Brewing Company is our Syracuse branch office for Madfoods, then Zabroso Restaurant is our Oneida County branch office.  This popular Latin restaurant is just a fly fishing cast over the county line and is still considered to be in Oneida.  So that being said, the great food that chef Ruben Lopez is creating on a regular basis is fair game for us.

Zabroso’s menu is a mixture of Spanish and Puerto Rican flavors honoring the heritage of Chef Lopez.  He was born in Spain and grew up in Puerto Rico.  His heritage is our win when it comes to his Tapas and full menus.

The other day I had the opportunity to enjoy a tapas selection of Prince Edward Island Mussels at lunch time.  The mussels are prepared with peppercorn bacon and severed in a brandy cream sauce.

The mussels were very clean and had nice flavor.  The apple wood smoked bacon paired very well with the brandy cream sauce and gave a nice overall flavor to the dish.  The brandy cream sauce was a real winner with a flavor that enhanced everything on the plate.  It was a very enjoyable dish, especially when all the flavors were combined into a single mouthful.

Pair this dish with your favorite wine, order it as an appetizer for the whole table, or your entree.  It is a dish that is versatile and will leave you very satisfied.

Here is Chef Lopez explaining the nuances of the dish as he prepares it.

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