Off the beaten path but worth the left turn

Jul 16, 2012
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The Idea: eat well, but not too expensively on a Saturday night. The solution: The Hotel Solsville, just a wee bit north of the village of Madison (turn off at the blinking light on route 20 in the village center). Saturday night features their Prime Rib Buffet – all you can eat – and my husband not only ate his share, but probably enough for two or three of you readers, too. I love it when we can shovel a ton of delicious food into him and still leave with a few dollars tucked into our wallet (Our whole meal including salad bars, buffet, entree and side, dessert, tea and 3 beers, was under $50).

The buffet features a fresh salad bar and hot food bar, with fresh-cooked Prime Rib sliced to order at a carving station. With options for the buffet, Irish pub fare and regular restaurant entrees featuring beef, chicken, fish, pork and pasta, this writer opted for a simple chicken sandwich and onion rings – eating well – saving room for a huge piece of homemade chocolate pie. I also was given access to the salad bar…went crazy with the croutons as usual. This is a place a person goes for basic, hearty fare served well, leaving the “gourmet” experience to the gourmands elsewhere.

We’ve dined here several times over the years, from Easter buffet to regular dinner fare. We’ve not had a bad experience yet (and we’ve had our share of disappointments at other more “upscale” establishments). For us, it is a little more out of our way than heading into “the city” as it were, where we go to dine and shop or find entertainment, and we discussed at dinner, so we don’t always remember that this gem is here waiting fo rus. , and shame on us for our lapse in memory (we being dedicated omnivores especially).

We recommend learning more about this restaurant on their website, as it is well laid out and shows you all they have to offer for regular dining to catered events.

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