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Harvest Moon Cidery to Take Over Empire Brewing Taps

Sep 23, 2012
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The relationship between Harvest Moon Cidery owners Matt and Juanita Critz and Empire Brewing’s owner David Katleski and head brewer Tim Butler has been growing over the years.  From Empire using Critz Farm apples and pumpkins in their fall seasonal beers to Empire being one of the first restaurants to put Harvest Moon Cider on tap in CNY, it has been a good fit for both groups.

This Thursday that relationship is taken to the next level as the Harvest Moon Cidery takes over the taps at Empire’s Amory Square location.  Now Empire Brewing Company is not within the traditional footprint of Madfoods, but we like to think of them as our Amory Square branch office.  They use so many products from Madison County farms, they have a large vegetable garden in Cazenovia and of course they have plans to build their brewery in Cazenovia as well.  So we just pretend that 120 Walton Street is Madfoods country.

In celebration of National Cider Week, the chef at Empire has put together a fantastic pairing menu.  The celebration is from 6-9 and costs $25 per person plus tax and tip.  Not a bad deal at all for the following menu:

Harvest Salad
greens, mapled-walnuts, apple,
& aged cheddar w/raspberry cider vinaigrette
Paired with Red Barn Raspberry Cider

Farmstead Chili
ground elk, kobe, angus, pork and lamb
w/ 3-ground chiles & root vegetables
Paried with Hop Heritage Cider

Pork Confit
served w/local root vegetables and roasted
sweet Critz Farms pumkin
Paired with Four Screw Hard Cider

Blueberry Cobbler
served w/ Kimberly’s vanilla ice cream
Paired with Blueberry Moon cider

Reservations are not required for the dinner, and the regular menu is also available that evening as well, but with the number of Madfood farm products on the menu, we are pretty sure we know what we are ordering.  If you would like to make a reservation for this dinner, you can call Empire at 315-475-BEER

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