Happy Cinco de Mayo

May 5, 2012
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As Americans, we co-opt every holiday we can get out hands on.  In March everyone is a wee bit Irish with St. Patrick’s Day and in May many of us press 2 for Spanish and celebrate el Cinco de Mayo with lousy Corona beer and Mexican Food.

This area, in the past few years has finally welcomed some quality Mexican restaurants to the area, and no I do not mean Taco Hell.  In Oneida we have El Canelo, La Cocina is serving up chips and salsa in Chittenango and a few years ago La Iguana took up a store front in Hamilton.

Today in celebration of el Cinco de Mayo we stopped into La Iguana and enjoyed a nice Mexican lunch.  It was a perfect day to start out with Margaritas so that’s what we did.  A couple of the frozen variety, with salt on the rim, made for an excellent start to lunch.

Chips and salsa come complementary, and we added an additional order of guacamole as I cannot eat Mexican food without guac.  The guac was perfect.  It was garnished with tomatoes and onions, and had great flavor.  This was a pleasant change as in the past the guacamole had tasted under seasoned.  I was glad to see they had straitened it out.

I ordered a pulled pork burrito and my lunch companion ordered the enchiladas.  The burrito comes stuffed with beans, rice and cheese and is finished on the grill giving the tortilla a nice crunchy texture.  The plate is garnished with sour cream and a scoop of guacamole.    The enchiladas came with a green chile sauce on them and were accompanied with Mexican rice and black beans.

Both dishes were well received.  The pork in the burrito was was cooked and very flavorful.  When pairing with the sour cream and guacamole it made for a perfect taste combination in the mouth.  The enchiladas, made with beef, had a ton of flavor and they were perfectly cooked and bathed in the verde sauce.

The total for the lunch with two alcoholic drinks, chips and guacamole, the enchiladas and the burrito after tip was $35.00.  Next time you are in Hamilton and craving Mexican food, give La Iguana a try.


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