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Get to Know: John Tubolino

Jun 22, 2012

John Tubolino is one of the bright young chefs in Madison County.  The 26-year old self starter has quickly impressed the folks who run the Hamilton Inn with his hard work and creative streak in the kitchen.
A native of Norwich, NY, John grew up in a family where food was a very important part of daily life.  Sit down dinners, good food and good family helped craft his culinary style.
He went off to college and started to cook for himself and he was hooked.  He moved into the restaurant business and worked his way up from the very bottom.  Starting as a dishwasher with no experience, the chef gave him a chance and said, “Watch what I do and clean up my messes”.   John paid close attention working from the dish station to the top learning as he went along.
John’s career was shaped even further during the winter of 2010-2011 as he interned in New Orleans at Luke Brasserie, a John Besh restaurant.  The internship threw him right in the fire going from the reasonable pace of the Colgate and Hamilton Inns to working on a line where 1000 covers a night were being served.  John says is was great experience for him, “It was a high volume of quality food and you learned really quick that you were going to sink or swim.  I learned a lot about myself as a cook in that job”.
John’s philosophy in the kitchen is to keep it simple, and not put too many components on a plate.  “If they’ve been doing it for 100 years, it works.  Don’t try to reinvent it,” says John.  Ask John what his signature dish to make is and he will tell you Chucrute, a German dish with pork and sauerkraut.  You may just see it on the menu at the Inn come this fall.
John’s new summer menu will be coming out shortly.  You can try his creations for yourself Tuesday through Saturday starting at 5 each evening.

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