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First Ever Wine and Cheese Competition Announced for State Fair

Nov 2, 2012
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The state of New York has been working hard to bring the NYS Fair back to a showcase for all things NY, especially agriculture.  Last week at Governor Cuomo’s “Beer Summit”, much was made about the prevalence of California wines and national brand beers at the fair, when we have such outstanding wineries and breweries in state.  There is little reason that NY beers can’t carry the day, from the mainstream (Bud and Bud Light), to the cheap (Genny), t0 the high end craft (take your pick from over 100 now).

Recently, the NYS Department of Ag and Markets made an encouraging announcement.  The first ever Pride of NY Wine and Cheese Competition will take place during the 2013 New York State Fair.

The contest will be open to any New York-based wine or cheese company and will take place inside the Pride of NY room in the Horticulture Building.

Jim Trezise of the NY Wine and Grape Foundation seemed pleased at the development.

“We appreciate the department’s support of the grape and wine industry as well as all of agriculture, including the Wine Village and wine competition associated with the Great New York State Fair,.  The New York Wine and Grape Foundation has worked closely with the Department of Agriculture and Markets, and a competition involving the wines and cheeses from across New York will add a new element to next year’s Fair.”

Now, why they left out beers and spirits is beyond me, but I can certainly see us rooting for Owera Vineyards and Harvest Moon Cidery next summer along with Meadowood Farms and our other great cheese makers here in the county.  It is a step in the right direction.

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