Empire Buffalo

Falls Road in Fenner…Where the Buffalo Roam

Sep 29, 2012

One day last summer I was driving between my home, southeast of Chittenango, and Cazenovia when I had to do a double take.  “Are those Buffalo?”, I asked my wife.   I backed the car up and sure enough a herd of Buffalo had seemingly appeared overnight along Falls Road in the town of Fenner.

Yesterday I had the chance to meet with the owners of Empire Buffalo, and then this morning I open up my web browser to see an thorough story in the Madison County Courier about Joe and Aileen, the owners of Madison County’s only buffalo farm.

Contributing writer Linda Haley, in her City Slicker column stopped out to the farm as well and writes a nice feature about the farm and their future plans.

Currently, they have 22 buffalo at Empire, but plan to grow to 60 over the next five years. Empire Buffalo belongs to The National and Eastern Bison Associations, celebrating their one-year anniversary in February. Empire’s mission is to sell buffalo meat to the public while educating customers to its health benefits as they enjoy the view.

They’ve recently added hop plants to the farm. I predict Buffalo motif beers in the future. Buffalo burgers and beer anyone?

Joe Lazarsky, the other half of Empire Buffalo, joins our tour. I survey the immense work they’ve done while Joe discusses future expansion plans, like converting the silo into an observation deck. It’s obvious Joe and Eileen (sic) have been busting their rear-ends since the first fence post was set

Joe and Aileen told me that they are moving towards being a destination farm/retailer.  The type of place that people will drive to, and purchase their buffalo meat and other items that will be for sale there.  They’ve done a ton of work on their farm so far, and we can’t wait to see what the coming years bring.

The next time you are headed towards Cazenovia, or Chittenango Falls, take the back roads and check out the herd on Falls Road.


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