Eating Our Way Through Bouckville Antique Week: Troop Scoops

Aug 14, 2012
Restaurant News & Reviews

Fans of this ice cream stand on US Route 20 know Troop Scoops as a great place to enjoy our favorite seasonal treats.  They feature Giffords Ice Cream from Vermont which sets them apart from many of the other ice cream stands in the area.  They also offer a full menu of food for lunch and dinner while they are open for the season.

Antique Week is easily the busiest week of the year for Troops Scoops as they expand to two locations, adding a food tent on the Quaker Acres Show Field.  They feature hamburgers, hot dogs and other festival foods plus a hot breakfast at the show field.

Of course the main location remains open with their signature ice cream, shakes, burgers,Hoffman Hot Dogs, wraps, sandwiches, salads and a host of fried goodness.  It is hands down the best place to cool off with an ice cream cone while walking the show fields during Madison Bouckville Antique Week.

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