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Central New York Launches Buy Local Campaign

Sep 13, 2012

We’ve been signing the praises of all the fresh local ingredients available here in the Central New York Region of Upstate all along, and now tourism and agricultural officials are getting on the band wagon with a new campaign called CNY Fresh, the Flavors of Central New York.

The CNY Fresh campaign reflects the region’s geography, agricultural production, local cultural identity and other unique attributes of the region. The overall objectives of the campaign are to foster increased consumer awareness and recognition of locally produced foods and agricultural products leading to increased sales and economic development within the Central New York region.

Oneida County Tourism received a grant for $18,550.00 from the NYS Department of Agriculture & Markets for the development of branding campaign and implementation of a marketing campaign with collaboration from tourism and agriculture professionals from each of the other counties. ABC Creative Group, agency of record for the Central New York Vacation Region, has provided creative design services for the brand and brand message as well as technical assistance and execution of the marketing plan.

Kelly Blazosky, President of Oneida County Tourism, stated “This grant has afforded the region the opportunity to create the CNY Fresh brand and initiate phase one of a buy local campaign with an emphasis on the prime fall season. will be a regional resource for the promotion of locally produced foods as well as a tool to stimulate agri-tourism visitation to Central New York destinations.”

Online advertising will include feeder markets for the CNY Region as well as the utilization of the Ad Network to geo-target and behavior-target potential visitors. For the launch of the new brand and to build awareness 4,000 small market bags are being distributed to farmers’ markets across the region along with 8,000 brand labels for specialty crop producers to utilize. will house a searchable database of locally produced foods, farm markets, and agri-tourism experiences available across the 8-county region.

Martin Broccoli, Ag Economic Development Specialist, Cornell Cooperative Extension, has been a partner in the project from the initial grant application process. He added further support by stating, “Central New York offers an abundance of fresh, healthy food, and late summer and early fall are a wonderful time to celebrate that.  We’re becoming known as a region where people can get back in touch with farming and where their food comes from.  The CNY Fresh branding program is a great help in promoting that identity.”

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