Food Reviews

Jul 17
Food Reviews

La Iguana’s Abundant Authenticity

Let’s face it, you can find “Mexican” food just about anywhere these days. Taco Bell sits right next to your local Pizza Hut, folks in western New York love their Mighty Taco, and we’ve all been welcomed to Moe’s. Sure, … Continue reading

Apr 30
Food Reviews

The Winner is…..

As we mentioned over on our Facebook page, we had the chance to witness a winner of the Gala Burger Challenge at Henneberg Tavern in Cazenovia.  Earl Auslander took on the two burgers, plate of fries and onion rings and … Continue reading

Apr 24
Food Reviews

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Grilled chicken, hot sauce and bleu cheese combine for a taste explosion Continue reading

Apr 18
Food Reviews

Burger of the Month: The Gala Challenge at Henneberg

Two local, all beef patties are the centerpiece of this one pound plus sandwich. Continue reading

Mar 26
Food Reviews

Garlic Pizza in Bridgeport

Fresh toppings and garlic help this pie stand out Continue reading

Mar 25
Food Reviews

Quesados at La Iguana

Having lived in the area for most of my life, my exposure to Mexican food consisted of taco day at school and Taco Bell.  Then I met my wife, and a whole new world of Mexican flavors were opened up … Continue reading