Harvest Moon Cidery

Blueberry Moon from Harvest Moon Cidery

Sep 28, 2012
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In honor of Cider Week which kicks off today, we headed over to the Harvest Moon Cidery to see what was new there.  Last night they celebrated with a tap takeover and paired cider dinner at Empire Brewing in Armory Square in Syracuse.  Cider week celebrates the renaissance in hard ciders taking place across America.

Things at Harvest Moon are hopping this time of year with the fall harvest and the ripening of apples across NYS.  The early spring combined with a hard frost in May contributed to a shortage of NYS apples this year, but that has not slowed the process of creating new and exciting blends of hard ciders.

Having not been at the cidery for a couple of months, we had not yet tasted their newest variety, Blueberry Moon.  This cider seems like the perfect fit for Harvest Moon, as the Critz Farm has become known as one of the better spots to pick blueberries in the summertime.  This new variety uses pure blueberry juice mixed into the base cider Matt Critz uses to start all of his varieties.

Blueberry Moon is a refreshing hard cider.  The sweetness falls between the Red Barn Raspberry and the Cherry Moon.  The cider is purple in color and offers a nice refreshing flavor of blueberries without being too overpowering.  It stands well on its own or when paired with food.   Enjoy it straight up as I do, or over crushed ice for a colder, refreshing treat.  It just might be my new favorite cider at Harvest Moon, but I’m a biased blueberry addict too.

You can check it out for yourself as the cidery is open Thursday-Sunday 11-5 each day.  Right now Blueberry Moon is available only in growlers, but I’m guessing they will be adding it to their stable of bottled hard ciders in the very near future.

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