Chicken BBQ at Antique Week

BBQ Chicken, Steak Sandwiches and More at East Expo

Aug 15, 2012
Food Reviews

As we continue to eat our way through the Bouckville Antique Week, today we stop by the East Expo Antique Show field and try out what has been called the #1 food vendor along Route 20.  (Their words, not mine).  When your signs proclaim you are the best you better deliver, and for years the BBQ guys have been delivering on their promise.

The chicken is cooked on a mobile BBQ pit over charcoal, and it uses the famous Cornell BBQ sauce which is so popular amongst fire departments, Masonic Lodges and other community organizations in the northeast.  It also helps sell the chicken, as when the sauce hits the coals, the smell is oh, so good.

The stand offers more than just chicken.  They feature a shaved Delmonico Steak Sandwich, salt potatoes, coleslaw, corn on the cob and BBQ sandwiches.  East Expo is across the street from the Quaker Acres field and on the East end of all the festivities.

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